Looking for Jacky: A final run, a disappearance…

A look back at an incredible audio series broadcast in September 2021 on Binge Audio's Programme B feed.
Published on February 22, 2024

A look back at Looking for Jacky, an audio series broadcast in September 2021 on Binge Audio’s Programme B feed. Presented by Thomas Rozec, Programme B is Binge Audio’s current affairs podcast, featuring weekly investigations, reports and interviews, and gathering over 200,000 listens every month.

The portrait of a passionate man and the story of his ultimate race

In this audio documentary, Thomas Rozec and Quentin Bresson retrace the story of Jacky Bleunven. In September 1991, this sports enthusiast set off from his home town of Plabennec (Finistère), a few kilometers from Brest. Surrounded by friends and local children, he set off on a rather crazy project: to circumnavigate the globe… by running. 50,000 km over almost 3 years, with an itinerary crossing Europe, Asia, America… Every week, the runner posted dozens of postcards to keep his supporters informed of his progress. But in February 1992, six months after his departure, the mailboxes remained empty. Jacky had disappeared on entering Pakistan. 30 years later, despite searches, investigations and the mobilization of friends and family, we still don’t know what happened. And in Plabennec, we’re still waiting for Jacky Bleunven to return.

From Brittany to Pakistan, the incredible tale of this unsolved story can be made into a video documentary or literary adaptation, supported by previously unpublished photo, video and letter archives.

From the preparation of this round-the-world trip to the various theories surrounding his disappearance, this podcast offers an intimate look at Bleunven’s life, describing his commitment to sport, particularly rugby and athletics, as well as his attachment to Breton culture.

While his friends continue to hope, this podcast also explores the emotional impact of his passing on those closest to him. Despite the passing years, his memory remains vivid, and his friends continue to believe in his possible reappearance.

« Looking for Jacky » is a poignant account of Jacky Bleunven’s legacy for future generations, between memory and hope. This documentary series invites listeners to immerse themselves in a fascinating story, steeped in mystery and emotion.

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