Mary and the snowy eggs: why do we have children ?

A funny and touching (en)quest. A personal account of the desire for motherhood (or not).
Published on February 22, 2024

In this 6-episode podcast, 35-year-old single Marie Cahu asks herself: should she freeze her oocytes before it’s too late? « Marie et les oeufs en neige » is an audio series produced by Paradiso Media for the Journal Intime feed, which tells the intimate stories of those who try to build themselves outside established frameworks.

A funny and touching investigation into the desire for motherhood (or not).

Marie is 35, single and childless. For her, life is « okay ». She’s meeting new people, having fun, multiplying projects. She doesn’t think much about tomorrow. Or so she thought. Because she only has two years left. Two short years to freeze her eggs for free. After that, it’s too late. Lately, she’s been asking herself: does she want children?

If in doubt, she could freeze her eggs. That way, she’ll always have a choice later on. But it’s a cumbersome procedure: injections into the belly for 15 days, surgery under general anaesthetic… So to answer the question « Why do we have children? », she’s going to ask her mother, her friends, her mates, her brother, experts… all the while looking at the solutions open to her to have a child one day.

Will Marie go through with her egg freezing procedure?

A personal, touching and funny podcast dealing with a topical issue, with original music by Antoine Bourachot.

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